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Zapper Bio Wave Generator Volcano Hulda Clark Kills Parasites

Zapper Bio Wave Generator Volcano Hulda Clark Kills Parasites
Zapper Bio Wave Generator Volcano Hulda Clark Kills Parasites
Zapper Bio Wave Generator Volcano Hulda Clark Kills Parasites
Zapper Bio Wave Generator Volcano Hulda Clark Kills Parasites
Zapper Bio Wave Generator Volcano Hulda Clark Kills Parasites

Zapper Bio Wave Generator Volcano Hulda Clark Kills Parasites
Zapper Bio Wave Generator Volcano Hulda Clark Kills Parasites. Bio-wave generator VOLCANO Zapper is a digital electronic device that kills pathogenic parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi by means of electromagnetic waves on the principle of bioresonance without the use of medicated agents. Antiparasitic device that destroys disease-causing parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi due to electrical vibrations of a certain frequency without the use of pharmacological drugs. This method is still in the 30-ies of XX century was opened by Dr. For some reason its discovery was forgotten until Dr.

Hilda Clark has not published the results of their research in the book "Treatment of all diseases" Based on the theories of Dr. Apparatus Volcano Zapper allows to effectively treat both acute and chronic diseases, the etiology and pathogenesis of which play an important role parasites, bacterial and viral infections. The device can be used individually in household conditions, as well as in physical therapy offices clinics and hospitals.

Impact device Volcano Zapper is effective for many diseases. Underlying infectious and parasitic diseases. Acute infectious diseases influenza, SARS, pneumonia, etc. Helminthic infestation pinworms, roundworm, tapeworm, flukes, etc. Diseases caused by unicellular organisms.

Disease caused by skin parasites. Viral and mikoznye diseases (influenza, acute respiratory infections, sexually transmitted diseases, food poisoning). Fungal nail fungus, thrush, shingles, etc. Disease gastrointestinal tract ulcers, gastritis, hepatitis, etc. Diseases of the urogenital system cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, etc.

Pain headache and toothache, migraine, pain in the neck, back, joints, etc. Skin diseases psoriasis, dermatitis, ulcers, acne, etc. Diseases of musculoskeletal system arthrosis, arthritis, myositis, etc.

Endocrine diseases thyroid, diabetes, etc. Many of the symptoms described diseases disappear after the very first sessions. The most common reasons for the presence of parasites in the human body. Pain and discomfort in the abdomen.

Pain in joints and muscles. Infected by a parasite is very easy through food (eggs, meat, vegetables), while swimming in open water, while working in the garden, from the animals...

According to medical research, in our worms can be anywhere: in the gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, brain, lungs, muscles, eyes. Especially it concerns of bacterial and fungal cells, and protozoa. That is why it is essential to clear first body from various pathogenic organisms, and products of their life, and only then can you begin to receive the reducing and healthful preparations. Apparatus Volcano Zapper has three cycles of intermittent operation between them for 20 minutes.

The work unit can be summarized: 7-20-7-20-7. During the conversation, the indicators on the front of Volcano Zapper show what kind of cycle at the moment. The electrodes must be kept only during cycles session. Number of sessions depends on the severity and the duration of the disease - from 7 to 28 days with the number of sessions from 1 to 3 daily.

If necessary, you can repeat. To prevent enough to hold one session a week. In treatment it is desirable not to drink at least 2 liters of clean water per day, take enterosorbents meal, activated carbon, etc. , and, if necessary, and laxatives.

When you work with the device, make sure that the electrodes were not covered by fat or dirty. We can not tolerate the mechanical damage to the electrodes, and during the work unacceptable touching one electrode to the second. If the device is not used for a long time, you must remove the battery. Contraindications: Age up to 2 years old, pregnant individual intolerance of electric current, the presence of an implanted pacemaker, status epilepticus, tumors of any etiology and localization, acute febrile condition of unknown etiology, vein thrombosis, acute mental status, alcohol or drug stimulation.

Specifications: Power: 2 batteries AA 1,5 V Incoming power: no more than 0,05 W Number of sessions with new batteries: no less than 50 The frequency and amplitude of the working signal: 30 kHz ± 0,5 %, 9V. Current consumption: less than 1x10-3 A Hours: cyclical The number of cycles of exposure: 3 Total Duration: 61 min. You'll receive the device without batteries because the parcel's sending with battery has been temporary suspended from post services! Volcano Zepper is not a medical device and is not intended for use in a clinical setting. In this case, the device may be assigned to individual electrostimulation devices for home use! Please, keep in mind due to monitor variations the colors of the handles may appear slightly different! Bolivia, Belarus, Djibouti, Cayman Islands, Greece, Kuwait, Moldova, Cyprus, Mongolia, Peru, Panama, Samoa, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Finland, Libia, Philippines, Turkey, Sri Lanka, South Macedonia, Mauritania, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Croatia, South Africa.

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Zapper Bio Wave Generator Volcano Hulda Clark Kills Parasites