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Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 groupheads

Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 groupheads
Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 groupheads
Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 groupheads
Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 groupheads

Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 groupheads

Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 groupheads is designed in collaboration with some of Coffee Sensors partners and clients, that needed and searched for best quality product and function from this exact type of accessory. Since a lot of our clients ask, yes, our flow is Compatible with almost any Profitec, ECM, Rocket (including R58), Lelit Mara / Mara X and other well known brands and models on the market.

The Coffee Sensor flow control device (FCD) is designed by our company and manufactured in a trusted facility, that meets our strict standards. We do not resell an existing FCD already found on the market. The Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 GH. Allows you to adjust the flow of water inside your E61 GH so that you can manually profile your extractions. The main body is 100% made from stainless steel (best known and used material since it resists corrosion and is food safe).

The kit also contains a small brass screw thats inside the product and two chromed brass handles. The Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 allows the user to vary the amount of water flowing through the GH, due to its special needle valve from inside, that goes up or down, during use of our two special handles. Different flow control allows for lengthy pre-infusion for even more saturation and extraction of your espresso drinks.

The product is designed to match the STANDARD E61 GHs. Due to the modification of flow, the result is actually a change in pressure.

All changes are directly shown on the included pressure gauge (branded with Coffee Sensor) which needs to be attached on the front of the group. The gauge has a direct M6 thread on the back, so the installation is pretty simple and straight forward. Flow device main body; Two different designed handles, made for 100% compatibility with any E61 machine on the market; Group pressure gauge (0 -16 bar reading); New bottom group spring to cut pre infusion; full installation and servicing kit for the flow device.

Coffee Sensor flow control device for E61 GHs is designed and tested on some models of machines from Rocket, ECM, Isomac, Bezzera, Lelit Mara / Mara X that have the STANDARD E61 GH. It is not guaranteed to work when installed on machines made by other manufacturers. A lot of people already tested the same type of product on different machines with very good results, but we as a company cannot test it on EACH AND EVERY E61 coffee machine out there.

So Coffee Sensor cannot guarantee the fact that this product is compatible with ANY E61 GH. TIPS AND TRICKS AND GENERAL INFO ABOUT USAGE. What do you gain using a Flow Device? You can have a long pre infusion, meaning even minutes if you want to. Control your flow, considering what coffee you use or roast style.

You can now hit a dark roast with full power or have a gentle pre infusion for the lighter roasts. Lever machine extraction style, simply because you can now control the pull pressure. You can imagine that now, you can extract a coarser coffee, just like filter type. How to use the flow correctly and some SAFETY NOTES (PAY ATTENTION).

ALWAYS WORK DURING INSTALLATION OR DISMANTLE PROCESSES WITH THE MACHINE COOLED DOWN. Set the pump pressure to correct working pressure, between the usual 9-10 bar. Some put it in 9.5 bar.

Check the OEM flow rates of your coffee machine, BEFORE INSTALLING THE FLOW DEVICE. Its best to know the OEM starting point. This means to check in 10 or 20 seconds for example, how much water the machine gives you per second, without our product installed; the flow can be measure in ml/sec or grams/sec. Install the group head manometer BY HAND / USING ONLY THE FINGERS AND ALWAYS TIGHTEN ONLY TOUCHING THE BODY OF THE GAUGE (BACK PLATE) AND NOT THE FACE / MASK / GLASS.

Use a little Teflon tape (white tape provided inside the box) on the gauges thread for sealing purposes. Grab the manometers body (NOT FACE) with your hand / fingers and make a few turns with the tape (ALWAYS CLOCKWISE), to seal the gauge properly.

DONT USE A KEY OR WRENCH WHEN TIGHTENING. This could damage the thread on the manometer / thread inside your GH. THIS IS A FINGER TIGHT PROCEDURE. Insert gauge inside the GH until you feel it touches the end of the hole.

Just make sure the readings are positioned horizontally and thats it. Test with a blind basket for any water leaks. FOR YOUR SAFETY, MAKE ANY TESTS NOT SITTING IN FRONT AND NOT LOOKING DIRECTLY AT THE FLOW CONTROL DEVICE OR AT THE GAUGE!!! Just stay close and pay attention to any air pressure / water leaks. If there are any present, close even better the FCD or turn the gauge a little bit more clockwise.

If there are not any leaks present, you are good to go. Install the flow device and check the new flow rates it gives you at different points (angles or clock digits). You can install any handle and set the COMPLETE CLOSED / SHUT OFF point at any desired degree / hour position, like 12 oclock, 9, 6 or 3; We are going here counter clockwise. Check the flow output by turning the flow like we said, counter clockwise; you should see on an ECM machine for example, if the SHUT OFF COMPLETELY point is set at 12 oclock, that at 9 oclock, you could have a 2-3 ml per second flow, at 6 oclock a 4 6 per second, and at 12 again, over 7 ml per second and so on. Always use a cup with ml on it or a scale to determine best water output as stated above.

Split the results in 10 or 20 (the number of seconds you left the water run with the pump ON), to determine the correct water output your machine gives PER SECOND; this is how you determine grams per second or ml per second flow rate using the Flow Device. Understand that the FCD touches the group directly. This means it WILL GET HOT DURING OPERATION. Pay attention when turning the FCDs handle, NOT TO TOUCH ANY METAL PARTS.

The handle itself is made from a special heat resistant plastic, so no harm there. Decide if you wanna extract coffee using the flow or pressure parameters (or both). These are different aspects during extraction.

Explained as simple as possible, if you want to handle / influence the extraction considering flow, you need to know your flow points and the water output at certain angles. If you want to use pressure as no. 1 parameter, just watch the group head manometer / gauge readings and use the Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 group heads to obtain a certain pressure at a certain moment. But we recommend using flow, because pressure rises and lowers fast (the gauge readings fluctuate), while flow is usually constant, after determining the water outputs. The FCD work mode is influenced by a lot of factors , some of them in a bad way, like warned out gaskets, springs, SCALE BUILD UP INSIDE YPUR GH.

Pay attention to these details, if you wish to obtain best results with out product! A bad seal somewhere could mean that the FCD just cannot fully operate and give you normal low or high pressure during operation. Is my pump affected by the Coffee Sensor FCD? No its not, because simply put, the pressure inside your machine up until the FCD working point, is the standard setup up 9-10 bar.

The pressure lowers or rises only after the FCD working point. So all the internals always work at the standard parameters and not the modified ones. Is my heat up time affected since the FCD usually stays in CLOSED position? No, because the closed part or zone is just above the area where the water circulates slowly inside the GH, with the help of IN and OUT pipes.

Will my pump be affected on the long therm? No it will not be or correctly put, a normal pump with no factory problems, will handle the FCD a long time. The low pressure given by the FCD usage lasts for seconds. The pump is not engaged with low working pressure for days or years. An extraction usually lasts tenths of seconds and all day long. What handle should i use? Any you like, but certain coffee machines have a lower positioned group head, so the standard handle could hit the machines body.

In that case, its best to use our flip handle, to avoid the chrome plate from behind the group head. What are the spare gaskets and the food safe grease for? They are for lubricating from time to time the internals of the FCD. Also, spare gaskets are for servicing purposes. Gaskets are not included in this statement.

Do all machines have same water output? Each and every machine is different, rotary pumps work in one one, vibe pumps in other way and so on.

The idea with the FCD is to give you the ability to modify the standard flow, but how much, depends on each and every E61 coffee machine. What models are compatible with the Coffee Sensor FCD? All that have standard not modified E61 internals. The item "Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 groupheads" is in sale since Wednesday, December 25, 2019.

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Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 groupheads