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New EroPulse PEMF Portable Device Healing System Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

New EroPulse PEMF Portable Device Healing System Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy
New EroPulse PEMF Portable Device Healing System Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy
New EroPulse PEMF Portable Device Healing System Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy
New EroPulse PEMF Portable Device Healing System Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy
New EroPulse PEMF Portable Device Healing System Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

New EroPulse PEMF Portable Device Healing System Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy
When applied, PEMF influences cell behavior by inducing electrical charges in and around individual cells. Increases communication and interaction between cells. Stimulates circulation by causing both arteries and capillaries to dialate. Increases oxygen absorbed by cells, particularly improving oxygen utilization in areas of diseased or damaged tissue. Increased blood flow allows for more nutrients to reach the cells, and also allows for more rapid disposal of any cellular waste. Blood flow along with enhanced protein synthesis in cells aid in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation. Additionally, PEMF stimulates natural endorphins including serotonin to help speed the process up. Improved performance from less muscle tension, increased energy, better breathing and more flexible tissues.

Reduced blood pressure and decreased inflammation. Reduced stress from feeling less pain and from improving the immune system by detoxifying the body.

Repairs damaged tissues, muscles, joints and more. Improves your everyday life with better sleep, performance and less aches. Non-addictive and safe to use all day and/or night.

Energy Pad is encased in medical grade elastomer to avoid irritating the skin. Body Strap is made out of soft neoprene to provide comfort and airflow while in use. (1) Pulse Generator (eroPulse) with Energy Pad Tester built-in.

(1) eroPulse Charger with Micro USB Cord. Device Dimensions: 147 mm(L) x 68 mm(W) x 14 mm(H). PEMF Frequencies: 0.5 to 100 Hz. Maximum Magnetic Field: 350 Gauss. Therapy Levels: 3 (Low, Medium and High).

Maximum Therapy Duration: 4 Hours. Therapy per Full Charge: Maximum 10 Hours. Dimensions: 72 mm(L) x 38 mm(W). Dimensions: 625 mm (L) x 50 mm(W). Material: Neoprene with Allergen-Free Cloth. 1 How often should I use eroPulse? We recommend daily treatment for at least couple of hours, either during the day, overnight or both.

The longer you use eroPulse, the faster you will feel the relief. The body is already electric and PEMF therapy simply produces additional energy in the body to help it heal faster. No harmful chemicals are pushed into the body. The body cannot overdose as only damaged, injured or unhealthy areas use the extra energy to repair and regenerate.

3 Will I feel pain during therapy? If you feel pain-free pulsing from PEMF, start with Low strength and gradually increase to High. Or, do therapy in sets of 30 minutes to an hour throughout the day. 4 How quickly will my illness or health issue heal? It varies on the extent of your health problem and how often you use eroPulse.

Cells with minor damage can be quickly repaired before an issue worsens and becomes obvious. If you wait until you have significant health issues, the cells may be too damaged for PEMF to produce the desired results or may take longer to heal. However, with daily PEMF and your bodys natural healing timelines and processes, your body will heal damaged cells gradually.

It takes patience, acceptance and daily use of eroPulse to see results. PEMF therapy does not cure diseases, instead it improves bodily functions so that it can better support and heal itself.

5 Can I be protected from future illnesses? Illnesses are due to unhealthy or damaged cells, thus PEMF protects against cell injury or breakdown by improving circulation, nutrients and energy. With the daily use of PEMF, it can balance cells, tissues and bodily function before damages and problems arise. It cannot cure diseases or cancer, but huge improvements in bodily function and symptom relief can be made.

6 What are some general health benefits? Increased blood and oxygen circulation, which improves sleep, tissue and bone healing, clotting factors, and nutrient intake. Performance is improved from less muscle tension, increased energy, better breathing and more flexible tissues. You may also see reduced: blood pressure, arthritis development and inflammation. Additionally, PEMF reduces stress from feeling less pain and improving the immune system by detoxifying the body.

7 What immediate changes will I feel? Everyone responds differently to PEMF. You may initially feel an increase in energy, relaxed muscles, better breathing and a decrease in your pain. 8 Arent magnetic fields bad for the body? Only high frequency and intensity of magnetic fields expose risks, for instance, power lines. These high frequencies and intensities, known as electro-smog, can damage cells by inducing heat into the bodys tissues and modifying genes. PEMF technology produce low to very low frequencies and do not induce heating actions. We have carefully calculated the low frequency and intensity into eroPulse that are most natural and balancing to the body. 9 How do electromagnetic fields affect my body? Electromagnetic fields affect the most basic functions of the body by activating molecules and tissues in humans, animals, and plants. Magnetic fields increase the flow of ions and electrolytes in the body as well as charge cell membranes. Our bodies generate electromagnetic waves from every heartbeat, stimulating tissues at a cellular level. The earths magnetic fields and the bodys electromagnetic waves interact resulting an electromagnetic effect on each of our cells. 10 Why do I need treatment at a cellular level? At a cellular level, cells work at an optimal level in restoring and maintaining tissues and organs allowing the body to function better.

Magnetic fields charge cell membranes resulting in an increase of energy and opening up cell channels where nutrients can easily enter to eliminate more waste. Maintaining and restoring individual cells at an optimal level is an important process of healing. 11 Should I communicate the use of eroPulse to my doctor? We recommend talking with your doctor if you want to use eroPulse as a replacement for your medication or as supplemental treatment. 12 Can I replace my medication with PEMF?

We recommend discussing this with your health care professional to have a proper diagnosis and determine whether the need for medication can be reduced or eliminated. PEMF can be used to replace, reduce, or in conjunction with pain and anti-inflammatory medications without harming your body and overdosing.

Although it cannot cure diseases or cancer, improvements in bodily function and symptom relief can be made. 13 Can I expedite the treatment? All healing processes require a healthy body with proper diet and nutrition including calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

Taking supplements and adequate amounts of daily water may help improve health while using PEMF. 14 Why is eroPulse less expensive than other PEMF devices?

EroPulse is designed to utilize the latest manufacturing technology and cost-effective manufacturing resources including coil-winding technology used in Smartphones, medical-grade fabrics for comfortable wear and lightweight materials for portability. EroPulse was developed as a wearable technology to innovate pain relief methods while democratizing better health. 15 Why choose eroPulse over other PEMF devices or pain-relief medications? In comparison to drugs, PEMF technology is safer because its use carries no risk of pain, side effects or overdose.

EroPulse has ergonomic advantages compared to other PEMF devices in being wearable and portable with its micro-USB charger, compact size and quick application. You can perform daily activities such as exercise and sleep during therapy.

Additionally, it is economical; with the lowest price of any PEMF treatment device on the market, it is accessible to anyone looking to heal and maintain health. 16 Where do I apply the Energy Pad? For best results, apply it directly on the skin right over the damaged or injured area. Our Energy Pad is constructed from medical grade material making it safe and non-irritating to the skin.

You can also achieve the same results when it is applied over thin clothing. If you feel pain-free pulsing from PEMF, we recommend first applying the Energy Pad over thin clothing with Low strength. 17 Can I use eroPulse without the eroPulse body strap? The body strap is included for your convenience, but eroPulse is designed to work wherever you place it.

For example, you may find it is easiest for you to place the energy pad in your sock while treating your ankle. The medical grade elastomer is designed to stay put without sticking to your skin. 18 What therapy setting is good for me? Choose therapy strength based on your bodys comfort level. However, selecting High is recommended for better result with no risks of harm, side effects or overdose.

19 How do I know if the treatment session has started? After connecting the Energy Pad to eroPulse, ENERGY PAD will show on the screen confirming connectivity. After selecting mode, the timer will count down for 30 minutes, and will restart itself until it reaches 4 hours total. If ENERGY PAD starts blinking and timer has stopped, reconnect the Energy Pad and ensure that the cord is properly inserted into the jack. 20 Do I have to remain still during treatment?

The advantage of eroPulse being a wearable PEMF device is that you can continue your daily life without any bodily restrictions. 21 Can I treat migraines or headaches by wrapping it around my head?

No, we recommend applying around the lower neck or the upper shoulders instead while still treating the migraine successfully. 22 Can I treat neck pains by applying the Energy Pad on my neck? It depends on your bodys comfort level. If you feel pain-free pulsing or dizziness, we recommend not applying it on the neck.

Instead, apply the Energy Pad on your upper shoulder while still treating successfully. 23 How much electromagnetic energy does eroPulse produce? 24 What is the frequency (Hz) in eroPulse?

EroPulse is designed to have different frequencies within the 30 minute cycle to promote constant and wide range of healing. Having the same frequency makes the body accustomed to the energy, which will halt the healing. 26 Where can the eroPulse be repaired and/or exchanged? 27 Is eroPulse FDA approved?

EroPulse was not submitted for FDA approval since it is a health wellness product. It has been submitted to and recieved IEC 60601-1 approval - this is the same testing that a medical device undergoes to verify safety and efficacy. PEMF has been proven for its effectiveness and safety through years of research and studies. Who should NOT use PEMF? It is important to have appropriate medical care first, so discuss with your health care professional prior to relying solely on PEMF.

Conditions with active bleeding 6. Hyperthyroidism, adrenal gland, hypothalamic and hypophyseal/pituitary dysfunctions 7. Active tuberculosis, acute viral diseases 8. Malignancies (even in remission) 9. Severe systemic mycotic diseases 11.

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New EroPulse PEMF Portable Device Healing System Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy