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TIENS BIORESONANCE HYPERTENSION DEPRESSOR device to stabilize the blood Pressure. D e s c r i p t i o n. ONEGA BIORESONANCE device to stabilize the blood pressure HYPERTENSION DEPRESSOR. "TIENS-Onega" device renovates he wholeness of the walls of arteries, eliminates contractions, destroys cholesterin accretions, reduces blood viscosity and cleans blood vessels.

All this not only reduces blood pressure within the short period of time but also ensures a long-term medical effect. While using "Onega" device patients reduce or stop taking hypotensive drugs. Those who suffer from the 1. Stage hypertonia can use the device 1-2 times per day. The blood pressure can be normal and balanced in 2-3 weeks of treatment. During this period drugs are not needed at all. "Onega" device is 98% efficient to treat hypertonia of the 1.

Those who have the 2. Stage hypertonia need to use the device 2-3 times per day during 5-7 weeks. After that when the pressure is controlled and stable one can stop taking pills upon consulting with a doctor. "Onega" device is 93.5% efficient to treat the 2.

Those who have the 3. Stage hypertonia need to use the device for 7-9 weeks 3-4 time per day. The pressure will continuously go down to normal. Reduction of dosage of drugs should be consulted with a doctor and then stopped. "Onega" device is 90% efficient to treat the 3.

In order to ensure the best result of hypertonia treatment it is recommended to increase the frequency and time of usage. Patients who have the advanced stage of the disease should use the device at least from 3 to 5 times per day. There are no side effects. It is recommended to use "Onega" device even after the blood pressure becomes stable. It will facilitate cleaning of blood vessels, improve the overall health, and eliminate headache. The device is 97% efficient to treat headaches.

"Onega" device should be used by those who have the following diseases. High and unstable pressure: one can use the method of gripping with both hands, spot pressing, head skin "combing" and impacting active spots offered by traditional Chinese medicine. Duration of the procedure is 3-5 minutes. It is prohibited to talk during the therapy.

Those who have ischemic heart disease should press the device to the heart area and hold it within 3-5 minutes. Those who have bilious blind headache should use head skin "combing" method or "ashi" spot pressing method. You can talk during the therapy. In order to avoid troubles because of the rays, one should use head skin "combing" method or "ashi" spot pressing method.

The effect is reached in 3-5 minutes. Cosmetic effect and hair loss treatment are provided by regular and continuous usage of massaging and "combing" methods.

You can talk during massage. If you have constrictions or pain you should apply the device on the aching spot during 10-15 minutes. You can treat tumors gained due to muscle stretch by massaging the aching spot during 3-5 minutes. Those who have kidney disease should apply the spine circular massaging under the condition that bioelectric circuit is closed and two devices are applied from both sides of the spine in the kidneys area simultaneously; internal rotation (in the direction to the spine) facilitates renovation of homeostasis, rotation in the direction from the spine facilitates kidneys cleaning and treatment from calculus in kidneys.

In order to renovate the color of grey hair one should use the head skin "combing" method. Besides, it stops the hair loss and strengthens hair. This method should be applied at early stages of hair loss (in the age of 30-60). The procedure should be applied for 3-5 minutes not less than three times per day. In order to improve the memory and mental activity one should apply the head skin "combing" method for 3-5 minutes.

You can talk during this procedure. The device has bio-energetic and therapeutic effect and corresponds to the eastern physicians' treatment methods. With the help of "Onega" device scientists got good results of treating high eye pressure, lens opacity, glaucoma and near-sightedness. In order to ensure such treatment one should apply bio-contacts to each eye for 5 minutes 3 times per day.

Before the procedure close eyes with wet napkin. When one has buzzing in ears he should apply the device on each ear for 5 minutes 3 times per day. Modern education system places big requirements on students which cause huge overloading of children. It has been proved that "Onega" device improves school children and students' memory and mental activity. "Onega" device has the following peculiar characteristics.

It does not require additional power supply source. "Onega" device uses only bioelectric current generated by a person (the lamp is only an indicator of the availability or absence of the single biological and electrical circuit between the body and device).

The device is a controller which renovates and normalizes the body work if it detects the disorder of negative and positive charges. The device has adjusting and immediate effect.

It balances and supports the balance of both negative and positive charges. It stabilizes blood pressure within 3 minutes. It stimulates the mental activity and relives the headache within 3 minutes. It eliminates dizziness and feeling of weight caused by magnet rays from cell phones and other devices within 3 minutes. It relives the pain caused by disjunction and injuries within 3 minutes.

It has the long period of operation: it was produced based on new materials and technologies. It is the waterproof and shockproof device: medical teeth of the device were produced on the basis of international modern technologies. The medical effect is preserved until bio-contacts of the device are operational. The servicelife of the device is more than 10 years. The device is a medicated product for individual use.

It provides quick and tangible medical result without drugs and side effect. It's absolutely harmless, recommended for pregnant woman who have hypertension. Depending on the stage of hypertension device can be used instead of traditional medical treatment. The help of other people is not needed. Procedure takes just several minutes. It not only reduces high pressure but also regulates low pressure to normal. It is convenient to use.

There is no time or frequency limit to use the device. All members of the family can use the device. 1,5v battery - 2ea. Dirt may accumulate on metal contour and medical bio-contacts during usage of "Onega" device. It should be removed with weak solution of detergent or spirit.

The device should be stored in dry place and indoor temperature. Use the storage bag for convenience. Don't disassemble device by yourself in order to avoid the breakage. Avoid direct sun rays and high temperature. Don't drop the device or hit by other objects. Don't use the device during shower or hair wash. "Onega" device does not have side affects. It belongs to technical and biological therapeutic means that regulate transmembrane energetic potential of cells impacted by pathological disease. It does not influence the body as magnet or a drug. That is why it does not affect physiological functions of healthy cells and body systems. We have wholesale quantity of this items for you. 1 Are all manuals and videos in english? Yes all manuals videos and BOOKS in english 2 What type of product support do you offer?

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