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Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla

Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla
Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla
Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla
Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla
Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla
Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla
Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla
Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla
Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla

Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla
Here is the set of Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION for sale! NEW IN BOX, made in Russia, Novosibirsk city, Siberia. The design of the apparatus used environmentally friendly cedar wood.

The list of diseases that can be cured, of which the most significant are: Oncology. Arthritis, arthrosis of the joints.

Ankylosing spondylitis Crohn's disease. Restoration of functions: nervous, vascular, hematopoietic, endocrine, lymphatic and immune systems. Obliterating endarteritis and atherosclerosis of the lower extremities. Ulcerative colitis and many others.. This set include: Bion sine generator with two coils Torius and flat coil, static field indicator, bag, power adapter for 220-240V!!!

For 100-120V socket you need to use power step up transformer 100-120V / 220-240V. How to use (INSTRUCTION) as well as some list of diseases and recommendations.

The action of the Mishin coil causes a significant amount of toxins to be released, which must be excreted by the kidneys through the urine. The mission for for the kidneys to cope this amount with the help of «vortex» medicine is not simple, so it is necessary to start the treatment with the coil from the lumbar region. There is the main human filter - the kidney.

Every second person has difficulty in working the kidneys. We begin with the purification of the kidneys, which in the future must cope with the purification of the entire body. The basic rule for first use: ALWAYS START WITH KIDNEYS! The duration of the treatment session is determined by personal feelings after and during the applying of the coil. For example, we put Mishin's disk half an hour into the kidney area.

If after the application you have a malaise, some pain, the temperature rises - it means the coil Mishina began to act. If the malaise is tolerable, you can leave this exposure dose for tomorrow.

If you are too bad, take a break for a day or two. For those who have excess weight, the coil acts weaker at first. Penetrating through adipose tissue the field loses some extent intensity. These people usually do not feel anything for 3-5 days at all.

On local diseases, for example pains in the knee, head, etc. Torus ("donut") has localized effect and remarkably adapted for these purposes.

Thor acts approximately in diameter 10 cm. A flat coil acts "in area", not as deep as a torus and softer than a torus, but captures a large area.

It is useful to use when exposed to the kidneys and for general tone (on the lower back or slightly lower and on the chest at the level of the nipples). There are things in action of the coils which for most seem strange and inexplicable. The coil also operates in the off state, but only about 20% of the power. In addition, the effect is not only to the person on which the coil lies, but also on those who are within a radius of 3 and even 7 meters. Therefore, if you treat someone to not get an overdose, you need to move away from the patient at this distance. When a person completely gets free of all toxins and other mucks, the coil ceases to function on the body. You can sleep on a coil, sit on it at least 24 hours a day, no health effect will be. This is also the indicator that you are healthy.

How safe is the method of treating coils? If certain standards are observed, it is completely safe.

Even if the norms are exceeded, the hazard is 10%, which is a low indicator. It is better to follow safety precautions if an unauthorized person is in the same room with you. Members of the same family are not affected, except for children, because they have increased sensitivity to exposure. It is better to keep them away from the coils.

It should be at a distance of 2-3 meters from the person undergoing treatment. After treatment with Mishin's coil, a deep-lying disease can intensify for several days. For example, a persistent cough or sore throat may develop into a powerful angina within a few days, as the disease must be taken out somewhere. Electrostatics in the body can not affect healthy cells, since it is not induced on them. Take off all metal products chains, rings, etc.

And remove all metal products away. You need to start from the disk coil, applying alternately to the back and chest in short sessions for 15-60 minutes per day or every other day (we follow the sensations). This is important for very sick people who are very sensitive to coils. The main thing is not to overdo it so as not to get a "overdose".

Self-control over the well-being and color of urine. If the urine has darkened, then take a break to prevent the kidneys from overloading due to the abundant withdrawal of "destroyed" toxins and other debris. Acquaintance with coils for sick people can be sensitive tingling, numbness, drowsiness, chills or heat, etc... Healthy people do not feel the work of the coils.

We smoothly work with flat coils, from large diameter to small (if several disks from different wires were made), just by changing its diameter we change and the density parameter. Up to 60 minutes a day is enough for the process of removing the sore. It is possible to increase the time to 2 and 3 hours, but this is if all the main toxins are already removed and there is no interaction of the organism with the static field of the coil. The main thing is not to "overdose", so that the body can regenerate and remove waste products.

To help the kidneys (they are usually clogged), 10 minutes for each kidney by a torus per day. For coil sensitive people, you can play around not only with the session time, but also with power (if implemented in the generator). Attention: if there are tumors in the head, then there should be maximum caution, because Static-destroying tumor first increases, and then is excreted by the body. An increase in the tumor in the head is dangerous...

Everything should be in moderation. For heart: after the procedure. 2-3 days, but not tingle or ache, or just a nagging ache - this is normal, because. The muscle is constantly working. If you have a pacemaker, then use the device only under the supervision of the hospital, since implosion easily "sucks" the charge out of the battery!

There is also an opinion that coils in different places work differently (stronger, weaker or no effect at all). Maybe this is due to the radiation of the Earth Hartmann grid, etc. We continue to experiment and test.

User's Manual Read the instructions for using the generator and coils. What is Mishin's coil. Mishin's coil is an electronic device that can cure many diseases.

Its action is based on the application of electrostatics. Applying the coils (torus and disk) of Mishin to different places of our body, we are cured of very many diseases. The principle of this medical Mishins device - the effect of a variable electrostatic field on the sore spots. Here it is called vortex medicine. This is the same electrostatic attraction that we studied in physics lessons at school, when we rubbed the wool with an ebonite wand and it began to attract small objects. In the coil, the same thing happens, except that the electrostatic field is created not by friction, but electronically. In this case, we need an alternating electrostatic field. The action of Mishin's disks and coils on man manifested itself of healing in an extreme degree. The kit includes two coils.

A large disk for general effects on the body (it gently affects the body) and a small one, called a torus or donut (a more severe and concentrated effect). By donut we treat problem areas. In the off state, the torus and disk work at 20%. Known experience with roses, which stood in the same water for one month and did not fade. Behind the vase on the rib stood a disc turned off.

The second case shows the effective operation of the disc and torus to remove fatigue during a long 9-hour bus ride, during which the disconnected disc was placed on the abdomen, and the torus on the chest. After the trip, the body state is vigorous, although usually such a trip caused headaches. How to work with Mishin coils. Since you have decided to use Mishin's coils for the recovery of your body, you have to argue that you have health problems.

Then follow the simplest rules. Keep the principle of gradual exposure of coils to the body. So that the body could manage to remove slags.

Before embarking on the main problem (disease) of the body, prepare the ways of removing slags and "dirt" that will start to leave you. 20-30 minutes before using the coils, drink clean water 250-400 ml.

Clean water is necessary for washing out of the body of slag and salts, which will "liquefy" under the influence of coils. Tea, coffee, juices do not replace clean water. It is known that you can not wash your hands of tea or coffee, juice. Remove all metal objects from yourself. The presence of metal braces after surgery does not interfere and does not harm.

Persons with a pacemaker can work with a coil on the thoracic center (5-10 minutes), but make sure that there is no discomfort. The use of coils is best between meals. After 1 - 1.5 hours after meals and 1 hour before meals Coils should be placed flat to the body, either side, because the action of the coils is two-sided.

Thor or donut is used to treat organs, the disc can also be treated with the body. The torus has more concentrated waves in its center, while at the disk or flat coil the waves more evenly distributed. It is advisable to turn on the disk at a distance of 2 meters from the patient in addition to the main treatment time by the torus, in addition for 2-3 hours a day. For example, between interruptions of treatment with a torus. Or leave overnight at a distance of 2 meters. It is recommended to start using a coil (torus) around the waist and kidneys. The action of the Mishin coil causes the release of a significant amount of toxins, which must be excreted by the kidneys. To cope with those toxins with the help of vortex medicine is not a simple mission for the kidneys, so it is necessary to start the treatment with the coil from the lumbar region. The main filter of the human body is the kidneys.

5 minutes on each kidney, per day. After three days of use, take a break 2 -3 days.

It is necessary that the body has time to clear toxins. Then add pressure to the centers of vascular systems (blood and lymphatic) - these points are under the knees and under the arms. At this time there is an improvement in blood, oxygen is better tolerated by blood, blood supply improves. Improves the quality of blood and lymph. If you have specific kidney diseases, then start applying coils necessarily from the kidney area.

But do not overdo it! Place the coil on the sore spot. If pain occurs, move the coil to another part of the body.

The treatment time in one place is 20-30 minutes, the maximum time is 1 hour. For the head - no more than 10 minutes, but it is permissible to keep for headaches up to 20 minutes, if there is no discomfort.

Do not put an excessively long time on the head, work first with the energy centers of the chest and abdomen alternately. This is a mandatory and important step in the treatment.

It is better to alternate, put a flat coil or torus on the chakras of the chest, abdomen, then on the diseased organ and repeat again. The total amount of interaction time with the coils is 15 - 25 minutes for the first day and from 1.5 to 5 hours per day thereafter. Sessions can be 1,2, or 3 times per day. Duration of treatment in days - choose how you feel. If the cleaning is active and the urine is dark, interrupt the use of the coils for 3-7 days. Symptoms of cleansing the body. Do not be frightened by the symptoms of cleansing, but rather, welcome. Since the disease comes out of the body and all kinds of decay products.

A famous proverb says - there is no healing without exacerbation. Chills, cold, heat, drowsiness, body pulsation, metallic taste in the mouth, stuffiness in the throat, cough, sputum, sneezing, hiccoughs, scratching, red skin rash, numbness of the extremities, short-term heartburn, abdominal cramps , a dark and cloudy color of urine with a bad smell. One case of observed symptoms in heart disease is tingling or aching in the heart, pressure jumps, numbness in that part of the body that could become paralyzed in the future because of a possible stroke, temporary impairment of coordination, speech impairment ("stumbling"), dizziness. After a week of this condition, the patient came back to normal and got rid of problems with cardiac activity. During the development of such pronounced symptoms, it is necessary to reduce the effect of coils on time up to 1 hour per day, or put them.

Variants of treatment regimens can be such. Kidneys 10 minutes, chest 10 minutes, stomach 10, chest 20, stomach 20, chest 10, stomach 10. Kidneys 10 minutes, stomach 20, chest 10, stomach 30, chest 20, stomach 20. Kidneys 10 minutes, under the knees for 10min, under the arms for 10 minutes, liver 10min, stomach 10min. Kidneys for 10 minutes, sacrum 15-30 minutes.

If there are problems with the. , the lower abdomen is 15 minutes. You can act by torus on the chakra points for the general treatment of the organism alternately for 10-20 minutes for each point. The first chakra - is the location of the breast center - in the middle of the chest between the nipples.

The second chakra - is the location of the center of the abdomen - two fingers wide below the navel. The use of coils should be started with the kidneys. Because kidneys are the main filter of the body and, as a rule, they all have slags, which must be cleaned first. You can use a disc at night. The distance must be 2 meters from the child.

If the disc is placed closer, then reduce the exposure time from 4 hours to 30 minutes. Thor must be using at one location for 5 to 20 minutes, the total time is from 20 minutes to 2 hours a day. Time to choose according to age, well-being and severity of diseases.

For pregnant women, the dose will be the same as for children. Experiments on plants showed that after treatment with coils, sick plants quickly recover.

But especially this influence is noticeable on the germination of seeds. This process is significantly accelerated and the seeds are given the necessary strength for further growth and development.

The disc over the plants should be placed so that the thick part of the plywood lining is on top. It is enough to process 1 time per day for 1 hour. You can charge water in a glass container by placing the disc on top or bottom for 10 minutes.

The charge in the water remains for 3 hours. This treatment cleans and charges water.

Drink charged or spring water in an amount of 1 to 2 liters per day during treatment. It is important to clean the body with a sufficient amount of liquid. The answer of the coil inventor and researcher Alexander Mishin. Yes, it's okay, a flat coil should break the mutants.

Start a standard treatment of 30-60min per day, 5-7 days in a row. It is necessary to monitor the sensations in the kidneys and the color of urine. Flat coil alternately apply to the chest and back.

It treats the entire body from sores. If someone used drugs, it removes toxic dependence.

But you can get high after the procedure. I had such cases It helps with hangovers, but vodka will act on you a little differently... This is from the feedbacks... But users were very satisfied.

Yes, it's easy, put a disk on your back. Toxic dependence can be removed in an hour, can cause a cough, well, and then will you pull a cigarette into your mouth or not depend on the ability to control your body. Yes, in the process of research.

Herniation, protrusion of the spinal discs. Pain must remove, but we can not restore to mechanics with the immediate deformation of the hernia. Here the question is more exotic, there were cases when fresh hernias of such a plan drastically reduced. In a week, but there were also cases when the process was very weakly exposed to the static of the coil... In principle this problem can be caused by direct mechanical deformation and we will not greatly help here.

You need to do a couple of sessions of a flat coil for 30 minutes, it was already. Probability is very small, because now the body is vortical. Mechanical damage does not lead to damage to the vortex and vice versa, damage to the vortex provokes distortion in the normal.

So, here you can estimate yourself, depending on the specific case. Growing up may be gradually going away... Statics will try to return it back to normal, but much depends on the body itself. The change in the morphology of the body occurs only because of distortions in the vortex field, otherwise there would be no regeneration in the problem area of the body. Nothing is wrong, as with dentistry If suddenly there is an abscess, it hurts and climbs out, that's all. You can feel chills for the first time. Physical trauma of the eye in childhood, namely the lens as a thorn. First, use a flat coil on the lower back 2-3 sessions, then use the torus o. N each eye for 3-5 minutes. One day use, then one. Recovery will take a long time. Specifically - Vitiligo, when the skin appears white spots. Such things are usually purely vortical, should help quite quickly.

With the melanin there is the experience of "communication", it can be removed partially from the heavily sunburned skin for 30-40min, but it then comes back. These are diseases that often result from insufficient blood supply to the joints.

Everything depends on the specific case. We work with flat coils, and almost never where to apply. Flat coils of wire coated with varnish can already be applied to problem areas. Is it possible to use a coil if the woman is on the seventh month of pregnancy? I would say yes, but I can not...

With flu, you can apply a torus for 3-5 minutes at the throat, this should be enough to prevent it from progressing. Start with a flat coil, and then further all along the way.. There was such a patient, in a week - he is healthy Recovery took place with a slight increase in tick after a week without it, then 2 days of temperature and then the patient was healthy. Lymphostosis (removed lymph node, cancer) impaired lymph circulation in hand.

All that concerns tumors, including some that can not be irradiated and massaged - all this is for us an indication for action. It will take 5-10 days to stop the development of such processes in the initial stage.

On the throat, 15-20min morning and evening. Hether a thrombus can come off. When applying the flat coil. It is clear that from such an undesirable effect there is no 100% guarantee, but acting on a blood clot with a density fluctuation, we do not move it, but force it to slowly dissolve. One confirmed case already exists, a person for 3 months (according to the results of ultrasound) reduced the blood clot from 80% to 20%.

It is worth mentioning separately about the cause of the formation of a thrombus!!! This is a superfluous twist of blood, which is caused precisely not by the correct formation of vortex flows.

In most cases this problem is not the body. Separate cases are after operations, after the seam a vortex is formed and a thrombus is growing. But here we reduce the amount of scar tissue, which also leads to a positive result. Papillomas, polyps, warts Colorless moles and outgrowths on the legs of the skin. Dry and fall off And just after the flat coil on the body.

Specifically, they were not affected by the torus, but I know for sure that a friend told me that he had warts fallen off. 2 times within an hour. All major problems have disappeared. During 3 weeks the disease was not manifested. Application - chest / back.

Ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. In the morning, at lunch and in the evening, half an hour before meals, take a glass of water at room temperature, dissolve three teaspoons of dry potato starch and add five to six drops of pharmacist 5% iodine stir and drink. Use three times a day for a glass in a week. By the coil with ulcers, we only remove the bacteria from the wound.

The cause of prostatitis and similar problems (personally my opinion) is the problem of filtration of blood by the kidneys and, as a consequence, accumulation of toxins, which causes additional irritation of the prostate. It's like a sponge that "absorbs" everything... You have to start the filtration of the body in any case with a flat coil, 2-5 times 30-60min breast / loin, well, and then if it remains that you already have to process the causal place.

With the prostate there in some cases in general very quickly everything passes Very often the problem is in the clogged. Use a flat coil on the lower back / tailbone and everything will be ok. Ischemic stroke of the brain. After strokes there is a rapid recovery of a person.

Complication of the heart after the flu. All the heart problems that were encountered at that time were successfully solved. I had a similar case. "Healthy", from his words, person fell sharply in the left side the next day after the procedure, and almost black urine went...

Any sprouts usually in a week or two can be withdrawn, or sent to resorption, depends on the size. I would classify all such "diseases" with the supersaturation of the body with tablets gorged for life...

The toxins are removed within 3-7 days, because much depends on the state of the person at this point, after which there is a significant improvement (from personal experience). Feel free for 5 days on flat coils, then break for 2 days and repeat until it recedes..

If there is pain in the organs or muscular systems (including the heart), wait until it passes and again work with the coil. Tumor in the lung (lung cancer) malignant the size of a tennis ball. For 2-3 hours in the first week, start processing, you have to slow down the process. In this case, you can use 2 frequency mode, one torius on the chest, the second coil on the back. Flat coil is necessarily in the first 2-3 days. Carefully follow the sensations in the kidneys and the color of urine until dark pee goes. Then break for the time of derailing... Drink a little more at this time, add inhalation with the addition of a quart of a spoonful of soda.

Meander wave can be used when the tumor stops responding to the sine wave. There are very subtle nuances in this procedure! You can use a coil with a pacemaker only under the supervision in a hospital, a static coil field will drain the battery. Within a week, work with flat coils, then you can use thorr about an hour a day for about a week... For the first time there will be a drawing pain, but the attacks will dramatically decrease in duration and severity.

Use the flat coils made of lacquered wire. Diabetes mellitus I and II.

The most rapid effect is achieved with the blocking of insulin in the body, with a lack of production there is already a more complex process, but goes for the better. In some cases, sugar came back to normal within 3-4 days. With sugar coils works normally, if not a very neglected stage, sugar can very quickly return to normal range. For those who take insulin short-term sugar jumps are possible, this is the first sign that the insulin taken is not working properly in your body.

Diseases of the thyroid gland, nodes on the thyroid gland. Coils uniquely help when hyperfunction, when hypofunction, in theory, will help too but. The girl was diagnosed with hyperfunction, plus her thyroid gland began to become inflamed... For half a year healed with antibiotics and received multiple seals...

They were going to prescribe radioactive iodine... After 6 times per hour of working with the torus, purulent angina developed sharply, and after 2-3 weeks ultrasound showed multiple.

At the moment, this girl has thyroid hormones almost normal, except for one, which is apparently produced by these centers, it almost does not produce by thyroid gland... In general, all the body's functions have stabilized. If not mistaken, the TSG hormone is almost absent. Cataract, macular degeneration of the retina. Often there is an improvement in the first week, but if the problem has not been removed yet it may take a longer time...

I recommend to work on head by the flat coil made of lacquered wire. To work with a coil for a very long time is not necessary, enough 5-10min per day. Retinal dystrophy: the processes of recovery of vision are slow and at the current time there are only a few cases where a person began to see better after a brief exposure.

Rombosis of the venous sinus of the brain. Neuralgia of the facial trigeminal nerve. I have one patient with such a problem, severe pains, she could not even sleep... In addition to all she had metastases and 2 chemotherapy behind... When first time I saw her, she was all shaking and could not even speak normally...

After 3 treatment sessions of an hour with a flat coil the main neurology began to decline, and pains from the ternary nerve significantly decreased after 20-30min of statics. The color and smell of urine indicates the amount of toxins in the blood, take breaks in treatment with a sufficiently strong darkening of the urine.

If the back hurts, then use a flat coil for 20-30 minutes on the lower back. You can use a torus on each kidney for 10min, and they will normally work. Large stones will start to thin and gradually scatter into small ones. Now I know about 2 cases of stones in diameter 5mm that came out. Interestingly, the static field relieves pain caused by movement of the stone from the kidney along the duct.

Also there was a case when in the morning from the person at an emiction the sand simply poured out!!!!!! By the way, the kidney is an ordinary hydrodynamic system with centrifugal filtration. Therefore, the main problem is the physical clogging of the walls of the capillaries of the kidney nodules. To eliminate such problems, you just need to shake it all up, like in a coarse filter... The specific case: a person passed with.

For 25 years, he applied a torus for 3 minutes to the kidney in the morning and in the evening for a week, on the 3rd day he already felt fine , and a week later signs of the inflammatory process disappeared!! There will be the same as with kidney stones. Use torus, slowly, but systematically. Is also curable, but it may be necessary to. With the parameters of the coils.

Usually all sorts of sprouts in a week or two can be removed, or sent to resorption, depends on the size. My friend at the moment comes with an ovarian cyst, the "doctors" said to remove the pipe together with. After the first time she began to stab and pull in this place, in the middle of March I will send for a repeated ultrasound, so do not be ill For local problems use either a torus or a flat coil made of thin lacquered wire, a large flat one will have little effect in such cases. I checked the effect of a flat coil on mushrooms: in the paper, for a month, oyster mushrooms were grown, after germination of the mycelium I processed them for 20 minutes with flat coil, after 2 days the whole mycelium underneath (where it was closer to the coil) turned into a transparent mucus. The same thing happens with many types of cancers under the influence of static coil field!

If there is an abscess under the tooth, then it breaks into the gums and leaves. In addition to removing abscesses and reducing the formation of yellow plaque on the teeth, I can not say anything more... I approached a dentist I knew to test the coils.. He said that I'm crazy. He sent me far away in general.

I took a 20-volt generator for my arrhythmia, since the generator is limited to them Approximately 10-15 minutes was required. After that, I quickly fell asleep for 3 hours Flat coil made of lacquered wire for your case should not exceed in diameter 20-21cm, 40-60min on the chest, 3-5 days should be fine. All cases were treated with a flat coil 30-40 minutes 1-2 days until complete recovery. For 2 weeks it is easy to turn in the direction of extinction.

With cancer, we use a coil made of lacquered wire for 1 hour in the morning and in the evening on problematic areas. A flat coil can be used alternately with a torus. At the beginning applying the torus for 2-3 days, the mycelium must be "fried" and then gently removed with a flat coil. And the body will be good and nice. As practice shows, the allergy is manifested as a consequence, to remove it means to find the reason in the body... The flat coils with periodic application must cope.

I personally observed even more serious neurology. 3 sessions per hour was enough to sufficiently reduce their manifestation.

Begin to work coils from the waist and abdomen, you can try for 2 hours a day, if the body is not very acutely respond... Also the disk can be put under the foot... In general, act to avoid amputations. Here everything happened as I said, the static field from the coil reacts very much with the scar, but as shown by the experimental effects, we prevent the formation of scar tissue, which accelerates the healing 2-3 times.

There is even alignment of the tissues of old stitches. The effect of accelerated regeneration is obtained even with partial absence of tissues.

After mechanical damage, there are situations where we can not help much. What coil and how much to treat? If the flat coil does not feel for 20-30min, then the torus can also be treated. Throughout the body, use a flat coil for a week. Many problems with headaches are associated with improper blood supply.

If the headaches do not go away: the kidneys for 10min a day are treated with a torus. Epilepsy (child 7 years old). Flat coil and generator for 20V to 30min in the evening... The child very quickly regenerates... Apply the standard - back / chest.

It helped in many similar cases, but you should not expect a very fast rate of. My friend diagnosed with thyroid cancer, a tumor of 28mm, how to treat? It is necessary to start with a neat and very gentle cleansing of the body.

You can not touch the thyroid gland yet. Use a flat coil or a torus of 15min per day at the waist. Cancer is a sign that the body is heavily polluted. At an early stage it is necessary to fight not with tumors, their body itself can win if it comes back to normal. The item "Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla" is in sale since Monday, March 2, 2020.

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  • Model: BION
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation
  • Main Purpose: Arthritis
  • Material: Copper
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Type: Vortex Medicine
  • Magnetic Product Type: Static field
  • Brand: Bion,

Mishin's Coil Vortex Medicine Device for Treatment BION Cedar wood disk Tesla