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Soma Laboratory Ether V2 Anti-Radio Receiver Device

Soma Laboratory Ether V2 Anti-Radio Receiver Device
Soma Laboratory Ether V2 Anti-Radio Receiver Device
Soma Laboratory Ether V2 Anti-Radio Receiver Device
Soma Laboratory Ether V2 Anti-Radio Receiver Device

Soma Laboratory Ether V2 Anti-Radio Receiver Device

PERCEIVE THE ELECTROMAGNETIC LANDSCAPE AROUND YOU. ETHER is a kind of anti-radio. Instead of being tuned to a specific radio station, it receives all the interference and radiation that a traditional radio tries to eliminate in order to create a clean signal. It captures the radio waves as is from hertz to gigahertz because it doesnt contain the tuned input circuit that filters out all frequencies except the narrow band of a specific station. This allows ETHER to perceive the invisible electromagnetic landscape that humans created unintentionally, making possible live electromagnetic field listening and recording.

ETHER is pocket-sized (103x58x17mm) and light-weight (73g with batteries). It consumes very little power and runs on two AAA batteries. How long it can run on two batteries is unclear, because I still use the very same set of alkaline batteries I put into the first ETHER prototype 6 years ago! (yes the project has taken 6 years).

All I can definitely say is that battery life is more than 300 hours if you using alkaline or lithium batteries. Special attention was paid to the design of ETHER, as its intended to be a unique accessory for the conscious modern human. Special designed enclosures made in Europe and high-quality PCB and furniture providing long life and high reliability were used. So with ETHER, you get both a unique sound experience and a cool-looking high-quality gizmo.

ETHER has both magnetic and electric components for sensing radiation. For the magnetic component, it has a built-in magnetic antenna, like the ones used in old long-wave radios. The antenna has maximum sensitivity on ETHERs axis. By changing the orientation, angle and position of ETHER, you will change the sound. For the electric component, it has antennas printed on the PCB and the special input pins placed on the anterior surface. ETHER V2 has two external antenna pins. You can touch any conductive material or surface (including your body) with the pins and use objects or yourself as a big external antenna! Often it makes a totally different sound and I love to check out different metal objects on a street rails, tubes, metallic doors, parts of buildings etc.

Two pins are connected to different points of the circuit and interact differently with electromagnetic waves. Switching from one to another or using them both, you can change the sound.

Far away from a city, we recommend trying to use a piece of wire 1-4 meters long connected to one of the pins for getting some interesting sound. ETHER V2 has two wheels for sound control and the power switch. The upper wheel adjusts the amount of high-frequency amplification and regeneration. The lower wheel is the volume. By adjusting high-frequency gain you can focus ETHER on different dynamical levels of surround interferences getting the richest and interesting sound. ETHER is not just an inductive sniffer like some projects you can easily find online. A simple low-frequency inductive sniffer will be silent in most places that are full of sounds in the video. Such devices need to be placed close to an emitting source and will not work on a street. All they contain is a coil and a low-frequency amplifier. In comparison, ETHER has a regenerative circuit and a demodulator, making it an actual radio wave receiver, not just an amplifier of low-frequency magnetic fields. However, ETHER can perceive the low-frequency magnetic fields as well. But, honestly, if your goal is to scan objects in close proximity (0-20 centimeters), a simple inductive sniffer will work cleaner and more focused due to its narrow band and lower sensitivity. Also, ETHER can perceive the electric component of the radiation as well, capturing radiation that is far above the audio range and is much more sensitive. Therefore, it has a significantly different design, functions and implementation than a simple inductive sniffer even if in some cases their functions can overlap. ETHER is very sensitive to any kind of digital circuitry thats in close proximity. This is why an SD-card recorder or similar is not present inside. The output of ETHER is a regular 3.5mm headphones stereo jack with L and R contacts connected in parallel (ETHER has a mono out). To record ETHER, you need to use an audio cable of at least 1m/3ft in length to connect it to a device like a ZOOM recorder. Connect to the electromagnetic world around you. Easy to use and set up with recording devices. Excellent for creating unique field recordings. Runs for a long time off alkaline batteries. Picks up impulses from electrical equipment. Headphone out for connecting to external recording equipment.

Batteries lifetime: >300 Hours (alkaline or lithium). Output: 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack.

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  • Model: Ether V2
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Soma Laboratory Ether V2 Anti-Radio Receiver Device